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submission guidelines

First and foremost, please keep in mind the mission of our journal.  We are a place where students should come to learn about and discuss one (or more) of the sustainable development goals listed on our home page.  Opinion essays will be considered, but are not preferred: Instead, try to express your visions and ideas in the most honest, impactful, and creative way you know how, whether that be through poetry, creative nonfiction, digital artwork, or something entirely different.  We are always looking for something we haven't seen before. 

We understand that censoring writing/artwork that is intended to make readers/viewers uncomfortable can take away its power; thus, we will consider work depicting minimal violence and/or conveying controversial messages - as long as a content warning is included at the top of the submission.  However, we will absolutely not consider work that contains offensive or discriminative messages, or is unnecessarily graphic.  

For your convenience, we accept work submitted in all formats and styles.  However, once accepted, a piece will be edited to conform with our "house style", and minor grammatical corrections will be made if necessary.  The edited version of a piece will be emailed back to the author/artist for approval before publication.  

Simultaneous submissions are fine, as long as you notify us if your work is published elsewhere!  We do not accept work that has previously appeared elsewhere on the internet/in print.  Multiple submissions are considered. 


When you submit to The Prologue, you grant us the non-exclusive right to publish and archive your work for as long as our website remains online. Authors and artists retain their copyright in all cases. If your work is reprinted elsewhere, we ask that you acknowledge The Prologue as the original site of publication. 


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